The Effectiveness of Aerial Videography

Are you looking for a way to add a whole new dimension to your social video platforms and promote your business products and services in a new approach?

Drone videography is one of the hottest trends in marketing today, specifically, in today’s world, it provides a unique and more engaging way to capture the highlights of a certain video from a different angle.

Years back we used to depend on renting a commercial helicopter with a pilot to get aerial footage done. This was strictly marketed and available to bigger corporations that can afford it. Today, we are able to produce, film, and better improve the quality of aerial shots thanks to drone technology.

At LUMU, we offer the latest technology of drone videography and we are able to give you the ability to showcase your clients a different angle of what your business is all about.

Here are some quick ideas of inspiration on how drone footage can be used:

Bird’s eye view of your event, commercial building, or a certain product you are promoting.

Ability to show the main highlights of an outdoor event and document shots that are visible to the public. This will help you capture the scenery of the venue and the overall crowd or attendees.

Construction. Timelapse of what is being constructed and showcase the major elements for your client’s needs. This can be an added bonus to be part of your future portfolio and can be implemented as a marketing video for future use.

Mapping. Use aerial still shots for the use of outlining the venue and this process helps you in setting up your stage or event accordingly.

Live streaming. At LUMU, we have the ability to live stream your event to the public and connect with you through your designated social media channels for viewers to see.

If you are looking for ways to add another angle to your digital needs, it’s worth considering the potential of hiring a company to help you accomplish that. Use of drone video on your next campaign.