Is Rebranding Needed?

In today’s world, every company out there will come the day that the shiny lustre has worn off its branding and then it wonders if the branding is doing more harm than good.

Every leader in their industry rethinks their brand on an annual basis to meet the needs of changing trends, technology, and more.

Did you know that Pepsi has rebranded 11 times, Apple has done it three times, and many more giant firms that rebranded a few times to catch up to today’s rapidly changing trends.

So, why rebranding might be a good strategy for you to consider?

Leadership change. It’s often good to change your brand identity and look for a way that is more innovative and matches today’s trends. You might carry over that company and brand from your dad’s generation and you become the new leader for the company. So it’s ideal to consider a shift and changing gears towards something more advanced and still authentic to its original roots.

You have recently acquired a company from a brand that no longer exists. This is the case to reconsider its brand identity and look further into improving the overall quality to sustain and improve its public image.

Expanding. You are currently offering services to a certain industry or your products target certain demographics and clientele. It may come at a time that you expand and look into other products under the same umbrella. In this case, you will need to consider rebranding to reshape your identity to consider all these newly implemented services under one unique brand name.

Your brand is a valuable asset that should work for you. A rebranding strategy is certainly not something that a company leader should take lightly. After all, the only one thing more expensive than a rebranding is unnecessary changes that can harm your company. So consider hiring a professional expert to walk you through the necessary steps and see if rebranding or a logo redesign is necessary to meet your identity and truly define your company’s future growth.

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