We are a social enterprise digital agency with a mission to help brands and communities win in the digital space.

Different doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Rather, it gave us the opportunity to start LUMU in the midst of the crisis. The name LUMU stands for “Love U Miss U” that made us remind ourselves of defining normal. We have started LUMU as an overriding of the pandemic, the stress we’ve faced, the emotional impact to our community and local businesses. It was simply to dive in, and put our years of experience into our mission-driven company that we are passionate about.

Our passion and past experiences prior to founding this company has created experiences that helped businesses reach new heights, contributed in growing one of the world’s largest food-tech company, built a successful fundraising platform that helped raise millions of dollars, and the continuous personal interaction with clients had led us to maintaining a successful relationship internationally.

Our mission-driven company stands for and takes action on something bigger than its products and services. We aim to ensure that everybody—your business, your customers, and the community—wins

We build products that are accessible to everyone, and always strive to help our beautiful city of Guelph to be a safe and sustainable place to live in. We do this through our pro bono work, and environmentally conscious business decisions.

What is a social enterprise? 

Like many other digital agencies; we make our money just like any agency—we research, design, develop, and implement winning products. Our approach is simple, we contribute profits of our projects back into the community. When a social enterprise profits, so does the community.

Meet The Team

We are a team of energetic and passionate creative minds who thrive on helping you win in the digital space, and reaching your true potential using the latest tech and best practices.

Bashar Hadla

Bashar Hadla

Founder & Creative Director

Bashar is a community-minded individual who demonstrated his leadership through content development, Search Engine Optimisation, and digital marketing. Throughout his 15-year experience, he specializes in building brands across the digital landscape, and connecting the gap — where the business, the customer, and the community wins.

Clement Kurnia

Clement Kurnia

Co-Founder & Design Director

Clement is a multi-disciplinary designer and serial entrepreneur who loves creating experiences that engage people and bring social impact. With over a decade of experience in the field of tech, branding and marketing, his work has contributed across multiple industrieseducation, retail, F&B, non-profits, media, and politics.

Tommy & MishMish

Tommy & MishMish

Web Paw Auditors

They are the ninjas of web auditing. Over 4 years of experience of leaving paw prints in the heart of your website forever and always. Their ability has helped clients become purrr-fect in achieving their digital needs.

Our Core Values

We give due importance to the process of our work. Before starting any project, we follow the lean methodology to make sure that all of your needs are aligned. This allows us to have deep insight into your industry, customers, and how to address them.


At LUMU, we put ourselves in your shoes. We view the world from your own perspective and understand your motivations and business needs. By listening, learning the knowledge, and the value you offer will lead us to make better decisions over time. Your expertise will always empower us.


We stand in building trust and loyalty through providing our clients with honesty and integrity. It’s always been our goal to create a transparent presence with our community and clients. We do this by sharing information at every level of our projects to pave the way for a more uniform understanding to you.


We want to bridge the gap between you and the digital world. We believe change is constant in the digital space and so we feed ourselves with strategic planning, market insight, and adapt ourselves with the latest technology & best practices.